Larry’s Media Profiles (Archives)

NCSA Reflects on 35 Years as a Supercomputing Powerhouse
February 2022. In its first decade, Smarr led the effort to create and establish NCSA to support computationally driven science, leveraging a diverse set of emerging supercomputer architectures. One of the first tasks was to simply get people connected to the machines over the fledgling internet.
Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction
February 2016. Larry Smarr's PhD dissertation presaged the announcement of first detection of gravitational waves created by a merger of two black holes 1.3 billion light-years away.
Gravitational Waves Detected! Historic LIGO Success Strikes Chord with Larry Smarr
February 2016. Recalling Larry Smarr's 1975 dissertation in light of this week's news that scientists have observed gravitational waves for the first time in wake of merger of two black holes, as predicted by Smarr in his thesis.
Larry Smarr: Building the Big Data Superhighway
September 2015. Internet pioneer Larry Smarr is now spearheading an initiative to create a high-speed virtual super highway for big data. EnterpriseTech shares the details in a Q&A.
Larry Smarr on Solving the Big Data Challenge in HPC
September 2015. Alison Diana of EnterpriseTech interviews Calit2 director Larry Smarr, republished by HPCwire.
The Excrement Experiment
December 2014. "Treating disease with fecal transplants." The New Yorker. Article by Emily Eakin. Published December 1, 2014
From Quantified Self to Personalized Medicine
November 2014. The University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Lecture series welcomed Calit2 luminary Larry Smarr to speak on a very interesting topic, bringing wellness into the digital age.
Podcast: Through the Looking Glass: Larry Smarr on Emerging Supercomputing Technologies
February 2014. John Russell of HPCwire interviews Larry Smarr, a physicist whose work on calculating black-hole collisions led him to champion a federal commitment to boost U.S. computing power — which in turn led to the development of NCSA Mosaic, the precursor to Web browsers.
Larry Smarr: Where There Is Data There Is Hope
February 2013. "I never thought I would be getting into this business." This is the first sentence in a mind-expanding talk by Larry Smarr about his self-tracking journey. - Posted by Ernesto Ramirez
A 'Big Data' Freeway for Scientists
March 2013. NYTimes article by John Markoff March 20, 2013
August 2013. Science gets personal as researchers-professional and amateur-plumb the depths of their own molecular biology.
Gut-level App: Apps and the future of health care
November 2013. Mizzou: The magazine of the Mizzou alumni association. Story by Dale Smith. Published Nov. 13, 2013
The Patient of the Future - Technology Review
February 2012. Technology ReviewThe Patient of the FutureTechnology ReviewInternet pioneer Larry Smarr's quest to quantify everything about his health led him to a startling discovery, an unusual partnership with his doctor, and more control over his life. By Jon Cohen Gym rat: In his quest to optimize his health, ...
(Data driven life)^10 featuring Larry Smarr @lsmarr
February 2012. The Tree of Life: Blog of Jonathan A. Eisen, evolutionary biologist, microbiologist & genomicist, Open Science advocate, recovering Harvard/Stanford alum, cyclist & Professor at UC Davis. Original post:
Calit2 Director Sees Healthcare on Cusp of Breakthrough - California Council on Science and Technology
March 2012. The initiator of an unsolicited National Science Foundation proposal that led to the creation of five supercomputer centers and onetime director of the ...
Innovator tracks everything his body does
March 2012. Has Larry Smarr found the next big thing -- again?
The Measured Man
July 2012. Larry Smarr, an astrophysicist turned computer scientist, has a new project: charting his every bodily function in minute detail. What he’s discovering may be the future of health care.
Body of work could lead to health care breakthrough -
November 2011. Body of work could lead to health care breakthroughSignOnSanDiego.comLarry Smarr will never be confused with Raquel Welch, but the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' is now a reality for Larry and may turn out to be his personal bid for Hollywood stardom. Smarr, 63, the founding director of the California Institute for ...
Xconomist of the Week: Larry Smarr's 10-Year Quest for 'Quantified Health' - Xconomy
November 2011. Xconomist of the Week: Larry Smarr's 10-Year Quest for 'Quantified Health'XconomyA couple of months ago, the publisher and CEO of the weekly Strategic News Service Newsletter introduced an article by San Diego Xconomist Larry Smarr, saying, ?This issue may be the most important Special Letter we have ever published. ...
Gordon Puts Flash into Data Intensive Supercomputing
August 2011. Calit2 director Larry Smarr offers solutions for high-throughput data management.
One Cloud to Rule Them All
December 2011. HPCwire's Tiffany Trader reports on Larry Smarr's essay in the New York Times, exploring what he believes is a likely extension of today’s increasingly-networked world.
How Internet Pioneer Larry Smarr Lost 20 Pounds by Becoming a 'Quantified Self' - Xconomy
May 2010. Larry Smarr is one of the people who had a vision in the 1980s for a high-speed computer network that grew to become the Internet of today. ...
Visualizing Science: The OptIPuter Project
Spring 2009. SciDAC Review, Issue 12,IOP Publishing in association with Argonne National Laboratory, for the US Department of Energy, Office of Science, pp. 32-41.
Larry Smarr Wikipedia
December 2009. Larry Smarr is a physicist and leader in scientific computing, supercomputer applications, and Internet infrastructure.
Xconomy People Profile (Part I)
September 2009. Calit2's Larry Smarr on the Origins of the Internet, Innovations in IT, and Insights on the Path Ahead
Xconomy People Profile (Part 2)
October 2009. Calit2's Larry Smarr (Part 2): Insights on the Path Ahead and 4 Big Ideas for the Future of Health, Energy, Environment, and Culture
Optical network key to next-generation e-research
June 2008. International Science Grid This Week June 18, 2008
Australia must keep up: IT guru
August 2007. Australia risks being left far behind its international competitors in business, education and the arts, as a global revolution in technology brings internet speeds hundreds of times faster than those available here and promises to change the world dramatically. - The Age Online
Broadband vision needed for Australia: expert warns
June 2007. This is a transcript from The World Today. The program is broadcast around Australia at 12:10pm on ABC Local Radio.
Larry Smarr on the past and future of telepresence
May 2006. The Institute for the Future's Future Now May 23, 2006
An Information Superhighway for Terabits
September 2006. The OptIPuter: Optics and Photonics News September 2006
2006 Tsutomu Kanai Award Recipient
2006. "For pioneering research in the design and architecture of distributed national infrastructures for high-performance computing"
The OptIPuter Gets Real
January 2006. Larry Smarr and Craig Venter announced that they would collaborate to decipher the genetic code of the world's marine microbiological communities.
The Time Is Now: Bust Up the Box!
October 2005. Article by John Markoff, NYTimes
Eye-Popping Streaming Film Debuts
September 2005. by Xeni Jardin, Wired News. See also Xeni's related notes from iGRID2005, posted on Boing Boing (1) (2).
The List: R&D Projects that Must get Done
August 2005. by Chappell Brown EETimes
Larry Smarr: Pumping the Net up for Gigabyte Images
May 2005. Posted by Dan Farber @ 3:33 pm 5/27/2005, ZDNet Podcast.
Larry Smarr on Future of Grid, Cyberinfrastructure
May 2005. by Derrick Harris, Editor GridToday May 23, 2005
From the Chancellor's Desk : Q & A With Larry Smarr, director Calit2
December 2005. In this interview, Smarr discusses the connection between Calit2 and industry, the importance of modern networks, new research at Calit2, and one of his personal passions, horticulture.
Bringing Optical Networking to the World
September 2005. Calit2's Stephanie Sides previews iGrid 2005, the biennial “Woodstock of Networking” workshop taking place Sept. 26-30 at Calit2 in San Diego.
Luminary Smarr Touts Optical Networks as Nation's Future
November 2004. by Tim Curns, Editor HPCWire November 11, 2004
Five Questions: Larry Smarr
December 2003. San Diego Union-Tribune, December 16, 2003.
Interview with others "The View from the Top"
December 2003. Ken Howard, Contributing Editor, Nature 426, 696 - 697 (11 December 2003).
Larry Smarr, Internet Grandfather, Looking for an Encore
November 2003. Om Malik's Broadband Blog November 19, 2003
Larry Smarr on the Shape of the Grid in 2003
December 2003. by Alan Beck, Editor-in-Chief GridToday December 16, 2002: Vol. 1 #. 27.
Ahead of the Pack
July 2003. This story was published originally in the summer 2003 issue of MIZZOU, the magazine of the MU Alumni Association.
November 2003. Tim Curns, Assistant Editor, HPCwire, interviews Calit2 director Larry Smarr about high-performance computing.
Supercomputer To Utilize Optical Fibers
November 2002. NYTimes article by John Markoff November 18, 2002
OptIPuter boots up
October 2002. by Karen Heyman The Scientist Oct. 7, 2002
Planet Internet
March 2002. Interview in Technology Review, March 2002
Interview with others "Dialing into the Long View"
2002. in The T-Sector, Issue 8 pps 48-58 (2002).
National Science Foundation Announces Grant Winners
September 2002. By JOHN MARKOFF.
The Soul of the Ultimate Machine
December 2000. NYTimes article by John Markoff December 10, 2000
Extensive Quotes In "Impacts: Computing 2010: From Black Holes To Biology"
1999. Special Millennium Supplement to Nature 402, C67 (1999)
Profile "Larry Smarr Keeps The Peace Between Government, Academia, And Industry"
November 1998. Red Herring Magazine, November 1998.
An Interview with Larry Smarr
1998. Smarr, L., 1998 in HPCwire.
Beyond 'Big Iron' in Supercomputing
March 1998. by James Glanz, Science, 279, 2030-2032 , 27 March 1998
HPC in 1996 and 1997 - An Interview with Larry Smarr
January 1997. by Alan Beck, Editor-in-Chief HPCwire January 10, 1997
U.S. to Support Fewer Supercomputer Centers
March 1997. By JOHN MARKOFF.
Report Backs U.S. Program For Computer Development
February 1995. By JOHN MARKOFF.
A Free and Simple Link
December 1993. Article by John Markoff, NYTimes December 8, 1993.
Doing Science on the Network: A Long Way From Gutenberg
May 1993. By WILLIAM J. BROAD.
The New Language of Science
1992. Bill Kurtis video production for the PBS series New Explorers (1992).
BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY; A Crucial Linkup in the U.S. Data Highway
September 1992. By JOHN MARKOFF.
"The New Century" in the article "Twenty Five Who Help The U. S. Win"
Spring/Summer 1991. Brief Bio in Fortune Magazine, Special Issue, Spring/Summer 1991.
Supercomputer Pictures Solve the Once Insoluble
October 1988. By JOHN MARKOFF.
Register of Outstanding Americans Under Age 40
1984. Included in the 1984 Esquire "Register of Outstanding Americans Under Age 40" (272 listed)