Recommended Reading

This portion of my Lifestreaming Portal shares with you the best books, articles, and videos I have been reading or listening to which relate to the four Calit2 Next Decade Application Arenas: Energy, Environment, Health, and Culture. My goal is to periodically refresh this list on the home page and to include here the complete set of recommendations which will accumulate over time.

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John Holdren on Global Climatic Disruption
John Holdren

Larry's comment: Not only is this a very good introduction to the physics and earth science of global climatic disruption, it also covers a number of disastrous impacts on society. It is impressive to see how technically informed Holdren is, given that he is President Obama's science advisor.

Read Type: Video. created on 2010.02.08
UCSD: A Living Laboratory for Real-World Solutions
UC San Diego

Larry's comment: An inspiring video created by the students of UCSD sharing their enthusiasm for the many ways in which UCSD is using its "small city" and research innovations to live in the greener future. From algae as biofuel ("pond scum can save the planet") to greening data centers, I hope you will watch this video and then share it with as many of your friends as possible. Whenever I get depressed from the enormity of the climate challenges facing us, I just watch this video again!

Read Type: Video. created on 2010.03.04