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This portion of my Lifestreaming Portal shares with you the best books, articles, and videos I have been reading or listening to which relate to the four Calit2 Next Decade Application Arenas: Energy, Environment, Health, and Culture. My goal is to periodically refresh this list on the home page and to include here the complete set of recommendations which will accumulate over time.

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A Doctor's Vision of the Future of Medicine
by Leroy Hood. Newsweek. Published on-line Jun 27, 2009

Larry's comment: Leroy Hood is a visionary with a strong track record of innovation. His vision of an emerging P4 medicine-predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory-is a vision I personally believe in and it is the basis of much of Calit2's research into the Digital Transformation of Health over the next decade. Many aspects of the advances in technology that will radically change the practice of medicine are already reality in laboratories. I have worked with Lee for over 15 years and look forward to deeper collaborations to bring this vision into reality.

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American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment

Larry's comment: Most people don't realize that over 677 American College and University Presidents have signed a Climate Commitment pledge. This site records all those campuses and lays out what needs to be done to move the campus toward carbon neutral. It is a great site to get tips from other campuses that share news here. If we use our campuses as "Living Laboratories of the Greener Future" to sort out all the system issues of urban living, it gives our society at large a badly needed head start on moving from a high carbon to a low carbon economy. See our article in EDUCAUSE in December 2009.

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Evidence of a Warming Earth - The Woods Hole Research Center
Woods Hole Research Center

Larry's comment: The Wood's Hole web site gives a good introduction to the evidence for how human generated greenhouse gases are altering the planet's climate. It is clear that the Earth's global average temperature is increasing, but this site shows how one has to consider both natural forcing as well as human forcing to account for the data.

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Population, area and economy affected by a 1 m sea level rise
Prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme

Larry's comment: Prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme, these graphs are the societal impact companion to the global sea level rise analysis paper by Vermeer and Rahmstorf discussed above. Over 150 million people will be affected with a financial impact of nearly a trillion dollars in GDP if there is a sea level rise of one meter.

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