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Future Health - Quantified Self and the Future of Personal Health
2012.02.07 The local San Diego Quantified Self meetup group working in collaboration with CALIT2, the Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, and the West Wireless Health Institute brought together Gary Wolf, Larry Smarr, Dr. Eric Topol, and Dr. Joseph Smith for a great panel discussion.
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Founding NCSA director Larry Smarr reminisces
2011.03.02 NCSA's founding director, Larry Smarr, who now leads the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), spoke via a live video feed at a 25th anniversary celebration on March 2.
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Calit2 4K 10th Anniversary Promo
2010.12.16 Calit2 Director Larry Smarr and UC San Diego Division Director Ramesh Rao reflect on the history and future of The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary. This film was shot in 4K resolution on a RED digital Cinema camera.
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Sensornets for Sustainability - Larry Smarr
2009.12.02 Larry Smarr's talk on sensornets from the December 2009 Greenovation Forum on Sensing and Sustainability at UC San Diego.
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Larry Smarr Stanford AALD Lecture
2009.01.15 Larry Smarr AALD Stanford Presentation
Duration : 52:42 mins. Views : 36. Topics : calit2 aald january 15 2009
Preparing Your Campus for Data-Intensive Researchers
2008.11.24 Audio Only Podcast This forty-three minute podcast features a session recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference.
Duration : 42:49 mins. Views : 38. Topics : calit2 educause preparing your campus data-intensive researchers podcast
Emerging Global Collaboratory for Microbial Metagenomics
2008.07.30 Dr. Larry Smarr gives a talk entitled "Emerging Global Collaboratory for Microbial Metagenomics Researchers" This talk was given remotely through an HD transmission to Monash University in Australia on July 30,2008 as part of their MURPA Lecture series.
Duration : 42:10 mins. Views : 2033. Topics : microbial metagenomics collaboratory hd broadcast calit2
Future in Review 2008 - Calit2 Field Trip
2008.05.21 San Diego, CA, June 1, 2008-- Top officers from technology companies around the world converged on the UC San Diego division of Calit2 last week for a series of innovative demonstrations and a tour of the institute's high-tech facilities.
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Larry Smarr - "Why Researchers are Using Advanced Networks"
2007.07.03 Remote Talk from Calit2 to: Building KAREN Communities for Collaboration Forum KIWI Advanced Research and Education Network University of Auckland, Auckland City, New Zealand July 3, 2007
Duration : 36:11 mins. Views : 595. Topics : calit2 network ucsd uci
Calit2 Emergent Collaboration Characteristics - Larry Smarr
2004.04.12 Larry Smarr's talk at the 2004 Calit2 All Hands Meeting.
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Calit2 - Living In the Future
2002.05.31 Calit2 is taking ideas beyond theory into practice, accelerating innovation and shortening the time to product development and job creation. Where the university traditionally has focused on education and research, Calit2 extends that focus to include development and deployment of prototype infrastructure for testing new solutions in a real-world context.
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Sensor Networks for Healthcare, the Environment and Homeland Defense - Larry Smarr
2002.02.21 Larry Smarr's talk from February 2002 at the Jacobs School of Engineering, where he discusses Sensor Networks.
Duration : 20:35 mins. Views : 142. Topics : calit2 uc san diego sensor networks for healthcare environment homeland defense
Larry Smarr on CBS Nightwatch
1988.04.20 Larry Smarr appears on the news program CBS Nightwatch with Charlie Rose
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