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The Atlantic Meets the Pacific: Exploring Technology with Peggy Johnson and Larry Smarr
2011.10.18 The Atlantic's James Fallows talks to Peggy Johnson of Qualcomm and Larry Smarr and Susan Shirk of UC San Diego about the future of technology in China, the US and around the world.
Duration : 24:18 mins. Views : 191. Topics : ucsd uc san diego susan shirk atlantic meets the pacific james fallows peggy johnson qualcomm china
UCSD Conversations: California Technology Center Memory Wall
2008.02.07 Meet Larry Smarr, Director of the California Technology Center at UCSD, celebrate UCSD's 40th birthday with a look at the memory wall with Thomas Johnson, and learn about the UCSD co-generation plant with Jack Hug. Series: "UCSD Conversations" [2/2001] [Humanities] [Show ID: 5520]
Duration : 54:26 mins. Views : 219. Topics : ucsd memory wall plant
Larry Smarr - "Why Researchers are Using Advanced Networks"
2007.07.03 Remote Talk from Calit2 to: Building KAREN Communities for Collaboration Forum KIWI Advanced Research and Education Network University of Auckland, Auckland City, New Zealand July 3, 2007
Duration : 36:11 mins. Views : 595. Topics : calit2 network ucsd uci
Calit2 Emergent Collaboration Characteristics - Larry Smarr
2004.04.12 Larry Smarr's talk at the 2004 Calit2 All Hands Meeting.
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Structure and Vision of Calit2 - Larry Smarr
2003.09.24 Larry Smarr's talk from Calit2 Day at UC San Diego in 2003.
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