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The Role of University Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.14 Energy Leadership Lecture Institute for Energy Efficiency University of California, Santa Barbara
Duration : 1:02:12 mins. Views : 131. Topics : cyberinfrastructure role energy efficient slowing climate change
End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research
2010.10.13 End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research: Implications for Your Campus Featured Speaker EDUCAUSE 2010 Anaheim, CA
Duration : 41:03 mins. Views : 120. Topics : cyberinfrastructure educause your campus 2010 end to optical data intensive implications
University of Michigan CyberInfrastructure Days
2010.11.03 Keynote Speaker: "Set My Data Free: High-Performance CI for Data-Intensive Research" Cyberinfrastructure Days University of Michigan, November 2-3 2010
Duration : 51:56 mins. Views : 114. Topics : cyberinfrastructure michigan days