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University of Michigan CyberInfrastructure Days
2010.11.03 Keynote Speaker: "Set My Data Free: High-Performance CI for Data-Intensive Research" Cyberinfrastructure Days University of Michigan, November 2-3 2010
Duration : 51:56 mins. Views : 114. Topics : cyberinfrastructure michigan days
End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research
2010.10.13 End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research: Implications for Your Campus Featured Speaker EDUCAUSE 2010 Anaheim, CA
Duration : 41:03 mins. Views : 120. Topics : cyberinfrastructure educause your campus 2010 end to optical data intensive implications
The Role of University Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.14 Energy Leadership Lecture Institute for Energy Efficiency University of California, Santa Barbara
Duration : 1:02:12 mins. Views : 131. Topics : cyberinfrastructure role energy efficient slowing climate change