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Emerging Global Collaboratory for Microbial Metagenomics
2008.07.30 Dr. Larry Smarr gives a talk entitled "Emerging Global Collaboratory for Microbial Metagenomics Researchers" This talk was given remotely through an HD transmission to Monash University in Australia on July 30,2008 as part of their MURPA Lecture series.
Duration : 42:10 mins. Views : 2033. Topics : microbial metagenomics collaboratory hd broadcast calit2
Larry Smarr - Director's Colloquium, Los Alamos National Lab
2007.06.07 Larry Smarr, Director of The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology , Calit2, gives the speech "Using Supercomputers and Supernetworks to Study the Ocean of Life" as part of The Los Alamos National Laboratory Director's Colloquium series.
Duration : 1:10:17 mins. Views : 2483. Topics : metagenomics ocean genomics laboratory