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Unstoppable Leaders - Global Empowerment Summit 2019
2019.10.19 Celebrated leaders in their respective fields discuss the initiatives and breakthroughs that they spearheaded in areas that people thought were impossible or ahead of their time. Featuring Martin Cooper of Dyna, LLC, Arlene Harris of Wrethink, changemaker John Ross, Carrie Hessler Radelet of Project Concern International, and Larry Smarr of Univisity of California, San Diego. Recorded on 10/19/2019. [12/2019] [Show ID: 35332]
Duration : 42:00 mins. Views : 443.
Will Supercomputers Create Virtual Maps of Your Body in the Future?
2018.08.06 Dr. Larry Smarr has been collecting 3D visualizations and detailed data on his body for almost a decade, amassing it all into a VR medical avatar of himself fondly known as "Transparent Larry." What could this mean for the future of personalized medicine?
Duration : 04:30 mins. Views : 35934.
The Man Who Saw Inside Himself
2018.07.09 Larry Smarr believes in being the CEO of his own body, and for years, he has been measuring inputs (food and drink) and outputs (caloric expenditure and excretion patterns), and juxtaposing that data with imaging and analyses of his blood and stool samples.
Duration : 42:00 mins. Views : 778.
Future Patient - Larry Smarr, PhD
2018.06.09 The full recording of computer scientist Larry Smarr presenting ten years of his personal health data on the Visualization Wall at his institute, Calit2 at UC San Diego.
Duration : 44:41 mins. Views : 594.
Future Patient/Future Doctor - Larry Smarr, PhD and Michael Kurisu, DO
2018.06.08 Computer scientist Larry Smarr and osteopathic physician Michael Kurisu present a vision for healthcare that combines the best of allopathic and osteopathic medicine by using a more personalized, hands-on, systems-based approach to treating patients.
Duration : 21:30 mins. Views : 1774.
Towards a High-Performance National Research Platform Enabling Digital Research
2018.05.01 Closing Plenary
Duration : 1:51:00 mins. Views : 225.
The Microbiome Revolution in Health & Disease with Larry Smarr & Rob Knight
2018.01.07 In this tour de force talk at Exponential Medicine 2017, Microbiome pioneers & UCSD Professors Larry Smarr and Rob Knight explore the role of microbiome in health and disease.
Duration : 35:00 mins. Views : 939.
Toward a Global Research Platform for Big Data Analysis
2018.01.05 Keynote, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 51 (HICSS-51)
Duration : 1:03:00 mins. Views : 34.
Precision Surgery with Catherine Mohr, Larry Smarr & Sonia Ramamoorthy
2017.11.06 UCSD Professor Larry Smarr has used a supercomputer to monitor his health and peer at his organs. Recently, he used his knowledge to help direct his own surgery in collaboration with his surgeon and Intuitive Surgical. Watch Larry, his surgeon Sonia Ramamoorthy, and Catherine Mohr (Intuitive Surgical) discuss this new approach to precision surgery at Exponential Medicine 2017.
Duration : 23:00 mins. Views : 243.
From Quantified Self to Quantified Surgery- Dr. Larry Smarr
2017.02.22 UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center From Quantified Self to Quantified Surgery- Dr. Larry Smarr
Duration : 1:39:07 mins. Views : 5.
Machine Learning Opportunities in the Explosion of Personalized Precision Medicine
2016.08.19 Machine Learning Opportunities in the Explosion of Personalized Precision Medicine
Duration : 56:41 mins. Views : 8.
NCSA Colloquium - The Pacific Research Platform - a Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.09.21 The NCSA Colloquia series brings leaders in big data, big computing, and big research to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to enlighten and spark innovation among researchers and students of all disciplines.
Duration : 00:00 mins. Views : 214.
Completing Darwins Quest: Discovering the Dark Matter of Biology with Larry Smarr and Rob Knight
2015.06.16 Larry Smarr and Rob Knight of UC San Diego present research using big data and other innovative tools to understand the human microbiome and to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between microbial life and humans. This plenary talk is part of the 2015 Cavendish Global Impact Forum.
Duration : 1:33:25 mins. Views : 1834.
Larry Smarr - The Next Ten Years in Computing
2014.11.24 Director of California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology Larry Smarr shares his vision of the future of computing and what changes are on the horizon in the next ten years at the Rethink Disruption conference.
Duration : 15:54 mins. Views : 98.
Larry Smarr - Quantifying The Dynamics of Your Superorganism Body Using Big Data Supercomputing
2014.10.09 Quantifying The Dynamics of Your Superorganism Body Using Big Data Supercomputing Larry Smarr (Harry E. Gruber Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, UC San Diego Founding Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (UCSD/UCI)) CSE Distinguished Lecture Series Thursday, October 9, 2014
Duration : 1:01:32 mins. Views : 22.
Catch the Next Big Wave - Larry Smarr
2014.08.04 Larry Smarr, Ph.D, founding Director of UCSD's Calit2, and a Harry E. Gruber Professor of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, speaks on personalized technological relationships and his own experience of experimentation on himself.
Duration : 47:17 mins. Views : 183.
Mind Brain Genome Microbiome: Conversation with Deepak Chopra
2014.04.23 Deepak Chopra interviews Dr. Larry Smarr who is the founding Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology at (CALIT2), a UC San Diego/UC Irvine partnership. We discussed everything from the origins of life, life in the universe, consciousness, mind brain genome, environment and the science of epigenetics.
Duration : 16:07 mins. Views : 0.
Larry Smarr - The Human Microbiome and the Revolution in Digital Health
2014.01.22 The human body is host to 100 trillion microorganisms, ten times the number of cells in the human body and these microbes contain 100 times the number of DNA genes that our human DNA does. The microbial component of our "superorganism" is comprised of hundreds of species with immense biodiversity.
Duration : 1:02:50 mins. Views : 250.
Larry Smarr UCSF Lecture 2013.12.03
2013.12.03 Quantifying the Time Progression of a Human Autoimmune Disease using Genome Sequencing and Supercomputers University of California, San Francisco San Francisco, CA Sponsor: Institute for Computational Health Sciences Co-sponsor: California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)
Duration : 1:10:34 mins. Views : 252.
Larry Smarr at TEDMED 2013
2013.05.22 Astrophysicist turned computer programmer Larry Smaar talks about how charting his bodily inputs and outputs in minute detail revealed the true ecology of the quantified self.
Duration : 16:07 mins. Views : 6812.
Terminating the GLIF at UCSD- 2013 ON*VECTOR
2013.02.28 Presenter: Larry Smarr, Calit2 Illustrated Lecture and Remote Collaboration with UIC/ EVL. February 28, 2013
Duration : 44:52 mins. Views : 1460.
Campus-scale High-Performance Cyberinfrastructure Required for Data-Intensive Research - Larry Smarr
2013.02.28 Keynote Address by Larry Smarr (Calit2 @ UC San Diego) — "Campus-scale High-Performance Cyberinfrastructure Required for Data-Intensive Research"
Duration : 51:06 mins. Views : 103.
Larry Smarr Health Data Demo
2013.01.28 Larry Smarr Health Demo in Calit2 VROOM on January 28, 2013.
Duration : 16:07 mins. Views : 0.
You are a Superorganism: Larry Smarr at TEDxYouth
2013.01.20 If Larry Smarr doesn't make you squirm a bit with his graphic illustration of the obesity epidemic in America, you aren't paying attention. In an engaging first-person narrative of his journey to enlightenment about the state of his own health, the revered scientist admits that 10 years ago he knew more about the surface of Mars than he did about his own body.
Duration : 16:07 mins. Views : 0.
The Human Laboratory: One Researcher's Quest to Personalize Medicine with Larry Smarr
2012.11.26 Larry Smarr, recently featured in The Atlantic's "The Measured Man,"talks with the author Mark Bowden about the drive to understand everything about his own body and how that kind of knowledge will become standard in the future.
Duration : 50:39 mins. Views : 753.
Towards Digitally Enabled Genomic Medicine
2012.10.15 Distinguished Lecture Series Department of Computer Science and Engineering UC San Diego
Duration : 1:09:54 mins. Views : 121.
Larry Smarr Podcast Radio New Zealand July 2012
2012.07.21 from This Way Up on Saturday 21 July 2012 Larry Smarr's collecting information on everything from how well he sleeps to the state of his stools all in the quest for a healthier life.
Duration : 22:53 mins. Views : 139. Topics : new podcast radio zealand this way up
Larry Smarr, 2012 GET Conference
2012.06.10 Annual GET Conference events are organized by, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to help make genomes useful for humankind. To learn more about and the Personal Genome Project please visit
Duration : 09:00 mins. Views : 473. Topics : genomics personal-genomes dna genetics elsi personalized-medicine omics microbiomes
Planetary Data, Planetary Governance - Panel
2012.06.02 Planetary Data, Planetary Governance Jerry Sheehan, Larry Smarr, Naomi Oreskes, Charlie Kennel
Duration : 1:07:40 mins. Views : 73. Topics : planetary data planetary governance panel discussion naomi oreskes charlie kennel
D:GP 2012: Larry Smarr, Peter Cowhey, Ed Keller, Benjamin H. Bratton
2012.06.02 Larry Smarr, Peter Cowhey, Ed Keller, Benjamin H. Bratton at Designing Geopolitics 2. The 2nd Annual Conference of the Center for Design and Geopolitics. Black Box theater, Calit2. University of California, San Diego.
Part 2
Duration : 24:48 mins. Views : 195. Topics : panel
Innovation - Innovations Next Frontier
2012.03.30 Everyday lives may be radically changed by advances in science and information technology.
Duration : 05:49 mins. Views : 84. Topics : innovation imaging merrill lynch
Quantified Self
2012.03.16 UCSD Physicist Larry Smarr explains Quantified Self and how he believes it could help lower the financial strains of health care. Video by Gary Robbins and David Brooks.
Duration : 01:56 mins. Views : 483. Topics : quantified self
Learning to think
2012.03.16 UCSD Physicist and futurist Larry Smarr talks about his influences and the role of science as it relates to the general public. Video by Gary Robbins and David Brooks.
Duration : 02:50 mins. Views : 37. Topics : quantified self
Future Health - Quantified Self and the Future of Personal Health
2012.02.07 The local San Diego Quantified Self meetup group working in collaboration with CALIT2, the Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, and the West Wireless Health Institute brought together Gary Wolf, Larry Smarr, Dr. Eric Topol, and Dr. Joseph Smith for a great panel discussion.
Duration : 1:54:26 mins. Views : 1391. Topics : calit2 uc san diego future health personalized health
The Atlantic Meets the Pacific: Exploring Technology with Peggy Johnson and Larry Smarr
2011.10.18 The Atlantic's James Fallows talks to Peggy Johnson of Qualcomm and Larry Smarr and Susan Shirk of UC San Diego about the future of technology in China, the US and around the world.
Duration : 24:18 mins. Views : 191. Topics : ucsd uc san diego susan shirk atlantic meets the pacific james fallows peggy johnson qualcomm china
Towards Digitally Enabled Genomic Medicine: with a Personal Illustration of Clinical Discovery
2011.09.09 Larry Smarr Invited Talk Grand Rounds, UCSD School of Medicine Pediatrics Division Rady Childrens Hospital San Diego, CA
Duration : 1:00:59 mins. Views : 1063. Topics : genomics uc san diego society preventive medicine
Founding NCSA director Larry Smarr reminisces
2011.03.02 NCSA's founding director, Larry Smarr, who now leads the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), spoke via a live video feed at a 25th anniversary celebration on March 2.
Duration : 07:35 mins. Views : 134. Topics : calit2 california institute telecommunications information ncsa the
Calit2 4K 10th Anniversary Promo
2010.12.16 Calit2 Director Larry Smarr and UC San Diego Division Director Ramesh Rao reflect on the history and future of The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary. This film was shot in 4K resolution on a RED digital Cinema camera.
Duration : 07:44 mins. Views : 2267. Topics : calit2 california institute telecommunications information the 4k promo ramesh rao red film jay drose
University of Michigan CyberInfrastructure Days
2010.11.03 Keynote Speaker: "Set My Data Free: High-Performance CI for Data-Intensive Research" Cyberinfrastructure Days University of Michigan, November 2-3 2010
Duration : 51:56 mins. Views : 114. Topics : cyberinfrastructure michigan days
Larry Smarr - Personalized Life Extension Conference 2010
2010.10.29 Larry Smarr talk from the Personalized Life Extension Conference 2010 on Saturday October 29, 2010
Duration : 31:45 mins. Views : 2357. Topics : conference 2010 personalized life extension
End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research
2010.10.13 End-to-End Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research: Implications for Your Campus Featured Speaker EDUCAUSE 2010 Anaheim, CA
Duration : 41:03 mins. Views : 120. Topics : cyberinfrastructure educause your campus 2010 end to optical data intensive implications
Larry Smarr Sizzle of Science for NSF Facebook
2010.09.21 Sizzle of Science video from Larry Smarr Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, UCSD
Duration : 01:08 mins. Views : 80. Topics : sizzle of science national science foundation facebook
The Role of University Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.14 Energy Leadership Lecture Institute for Energy Efficiency University of California, Santa Barbara
Duration : 1:02:12 mins. Views : 131. Topics : cyberinfrastructure role energy efficient slowing climate change
Sensornets for Sustainability - Larry Smarr
2009.12.02 Larry Smarr's talk on sensornets from the December 2009 Greenovation Forum on Sensing and Sustainability at UC San Diego.
Duration : 13:31 mins. Views : 126. Topics : calit2 sensornets sustainability greenovation forum
Larry Smarr on Green IT Strategies
2009.11.18 Audio Only Podcast On this seven minute podcast, Larry Smarr shares his thoughts on strategizing cleaner energy for data centers and greener IT campus-wide.
Duration : 07:02 mins. Views : 89. Topics : on green it strategies podcast
Cyberinfrastructure in a Carbon-Constrained World
2009.11.05 A significant contributor to rising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is the information technology and communications industry itself.
Duration : 53:33 mins. Views : 4.
Larry Smarr - UC San Diego Convocation
2009.09.22 During his keynote address at UC San Diego's 2009 Welcome Week Convocation - the inaugural academic event of the year - Internet pioneer Larry Smarr reminded a crowd of more than 4,000 freshmen and transfer students that they will be on the front lines of one of the greatest challenges of our time.
Duration : 16:38 mins. Views : 214. Topics : convocation
Larry Smarr Innovation Speaker Series
2009.09.16 Larry Smarr Innovation Speaker Series
Duration : 1:14:09 mins. Views : 32. Topics : innovation speaker
TASICT Tasmania ICT Industry Association Q&A (Tasmania, Australia) - Part 1
2009.08.10 Doctor Larry Smarr giving a Q&A session for TASICT Tasmania ICT Industry Association at the Hobart CSIRO regarding the National Broadband Network FTTH/FTTP and the potential for business to take advantage of the high speed internet.
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
Duration : 07:01 mins. Views : 46.
Joseph Lyons Lecture (Tasmania, Australia) Part 1
2009.08.10 Featuring Professor Larry Smarr. Professor Smarr is recognised as one of the founding fathers of the Internet and continues to be one of the most respected voices on the computer technology and the digital economy.
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Duration : 09:55 mins. Views : 105.
Superhuman Cyberinfrastructure - Crossing the Rubicon Part 1
2009.07.27 Larry Smarr discusses the state of the art in supercomputing, with a focus on how current computation compares to the human brain and when supercomputers will surpass human processing power.
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Duration : 46:49 mins. Views : 15428. Topics : supercomputers human brain
Project GreenLight: Optimizing Cyberinfrastructure for a Carbon Constrained World
2009.07.21 Larry Smarr Keynote for the 33rd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference
Duration : 1:00:05 mins. Views : 88. Topics : keynote ieee international computer software conference
Larry Smarr - San Diego Science Festival Nifty Fifty
2009.03.30 Larry Smarr's San Diego Science Festival Nifty Fifty Presentation
Duration : 04:16 mins. Views : 676.
Supercomputers and Supernetworks are Transforming Research
2009.03.25 Larry Smarr, University of California, San Diego; from Computing Research that Changed the World: Reflections and Perspectives, March 25, 2009;
Duration : 14:38 mins. Views : 793. Topics : supercomputers supernetworks cra
Larry Smarr Stanford AALD Lecture
2009.01.15 Larry Smarr AALD Stanford Presentation
Duration : 52:42 mins. Views : 36. Topics : calit2 aald january 15 2009
2008.12.12 Typography, Motion graphics, and 3D animation were used to kickoff the 2008 Most Innovative New Products Awards. San Diego tech legends Larry Smarr and Craig Ventor speak on this generation's responsibility to bring up the next generation of innovators. We also take a look at some extraordinary young people who are paving the way to a new tomorrow.
Duration : 06:22 mins. Views : 63. Topics : typography passage productions san diego video production animation
Preparing Your Campus for Data-Intensive Researchers
2008.11.24 Audio Only Podcast This forty-three minute podcast features a session recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference.
Duration : 42:49 mins. Views : 38. Topics : calit2 educause preparing your campus data-intensive researchers podcast
Calit2 SGI and Visualization - Larry Smarr
2008.11.19 A program created by SGI featuring Larry Smarr discussing the creation of Calit2.
Duration : 02:28 mins. Views : 166. Topics : visualization
Emerging Global Collaboratory for Microbial Metagenomics
2008.07.30 Dr. Larry Smarr gives a talk entitled "Emerging Global Collaboratory for Microbial Metagenomics Researchers" This talk was given remotely through an HD transmission to Monash University in Australia on July 30,2008 as part of their MURPA Lecture series.
Duration : 42:10 mins. Views : 2033. Topics : microbial metagenomics collaboratory hd broadcast calit2
Future in Review 2008 - CTO Challenge, Preventing Wild Fires, Part 1
2008.05.23 Future in Review CTO Challenge - Fighting and Preventing Wild Fires Part 1. Event hosted by Mark Anderson.
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Duration : 09:58 mins. Views : 183. Topics : fires
Future in Review 2008 - Calit2 Field Trip
2008.05.21 San Diego, CA, June 1, 2008-- Top officers from technology companies around the world converged on the UC San Diego division of Calit2 last week for a series of innovative demonstrations and a tour of the institute's high-tech facilities.
Duration : 06:39 mins. Views : 560. Topics : visualization calit2 strategic
Larry Smarr Honorary Degree - University of Missouri
2008.05.17 Larry Smarr received an honorary degree from the University of Missouri on May 17, 2008.
Duration : 09:54 mins. Views : 168. Topics : missouri
FCC's Michael Powell: Future of the Telecom Industry
2008.04.24 Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell speculates on the future of the telecom industry with two of UCSD's leading authorities in the field: Peter Cowhey, Dean of UCSD's School of International Relations/Pacific Studies and Larry Smarr, Director of the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2).
Duration : 58:43 mins. Views : 3048. Topics : telecom fcc communications
40/40 Vision: A Brief History On Our Wireless Future
2008.02.29 The internet is about to undergo a profound transition via wireless technologies. How will people interact with each other in this enriched internet environment? How can new forms of creativity be unleashed? And what new cultural forms will evolve? Larry Smarr, director of UCSD's Cal(IT)2 addresses these challenges and offers a comprehensive overview of tomorrow's technology.
Duration : 59:02 mins. Views : 1436. Topics : internet wireless
UCSD Conversations: California Technology Center Memory Wall
2008.02.07 Meet Larry Smarr, Director of the California Technology Center at UCSD, celebrate UCSD's 40th birthday with a look at the memory wall with Thomas Johnson, and learn about the UCSD co-generation plant with Jack Hug. Series: "UCSD Conversations" [2/2001] [Humanities] [Show ID: 5520]
Duration : 54:26 mins. Views : 219. Topics : ucsd memory wall plant
Larry Smarr - "Why Researchers are Using Advanced Networks"
2007.07.03 Remote Talk from Calit2 to: Building KAREN Communities for Collaboration Forum KIWI Advanced Research and Education Network University of Auckland, Auckland City, New Zealand July 3, 2007
Duration : 36:11 mins. Views : 595. Topics : calit2 network ucsd uci
Larry Smarr - Director's Colloquium, Los Alamos National Lab
2007.06.07 Larry Smarr, Director of The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology , Calit2, gives the speech "Using Supercomputers and Supernetworks to Study the Ocean of Life" as part of The Los Alamos National Laboratory Director's Colloquium series.
Duration : 1:10:17 mins. Views : 2483. Topics : metagenomics ocean genomics laboratory
Futures in Biotech 15 - The SuperNet
2007.05.02 Audio only podcast Hosts: Marc Pelletier and Leo Laporte Guest: Dr. Larry Smarr, the Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CalIT2)
Duration : 54:30 mins. Views : 139. Topics : futures in biotech the supernet marc pelletier leo laporte podcast
ESRI Lifetime Achievement Award
2006.08.07 Audio Only Podcast For the 26th year, GIS professionals from around the world met to share knowledge and experience and build relationships at the 2006 ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, California, held August 7-11.
Duration : 19:15 mins. Views : 74. Topics : esri lifetime achievement award podcast
Calit2 Emergent Collaboration Characteristics - Larry Smarr
2004.04.12 Larry Smarr's talk at the 2004 Calit2 All Hands Meeting.
Duration : 29:58 mins. Views : 44. Topics : calit2 ucsd
Structure and Vision of Calit2 - Larry Smarr
2003.09.24 Larry Smarr's talk from Calit2 Day at UC San Diego in 2003.
Duration : 12:10 mins. Views : 23. Topics : ucsd calit2 day
Calit2 - Living In the Future
2002.05.31 Calit2 is taking ideas beyond theory into practice, accelerating innovation and shortening the time to product development and job creation. Where the university traditionally has focused on education and research, Calit2 extends that focus to include development and deployment of prototype infrastructure for testing new solutions in a real-world context.
Duration : 05:50 mins. Views : 155. Topics : calit2 innovation california institute telecommunications information technology.
Sensor Networks for Healthcare, the Environment and Homeland Defense - Larry Smarr
2002.02.21 Larry Smarr's talk from February 2002 at the Jacobs School of Engineering, where he discusses Sensor Networks.
Duration : 20:35 mins. Views : 142. Topics : calit2 uc san diego sensor networks for healthcare environment homeland defense
SI 502 - Networked Computing, lecture by Larry Smarr on Scientific Computing
1999.11.11 View the course materials: Creative Commons Attribution-3.0 License
Duration : 25:54 mins. Views : 520. Topics : computer storage python information architecture
Larry Smarr NCSA - Perspectives of The Youth
1992.06.31 Larry Smarr NCSA - Perspectives of The Youth from 1992
Duration : 1:35:03 mins. Views : 34. Topics : ncsa perspectives youth
Larry Smarr New Explorers (1992)
1992.03.08 Larry Smarr New Explorers Video from 1992
Duration : 28:04 mins. Views : 134. Topics : new explorers
NCSA's Science by Satellite
1989.11.13 In 1989. the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign used its presence at an international computer visualization conference -- SIGGRAPH 1989 -- to paint a vision of distance being eliminated by network and computing technology.
Duration : 15:03 mins. Views : 152. Topics : siggraph computer visualization
Larry Smarr on CBS Nightwatch
1988.04.20 Larry Smarr appears on the news program CBS Nightwatch with Charlie Rose
Duration : 15:26 mins. Views : 306. Topics : calit2 cbs nightwatch
Larry Smarr on World Net News Program 1987
1987.04.01 Larry Smarr on World Net News Program from 1987
Duration : 57:42 mins. Views : 83. Topics : world net program
Larry Smarr on the Phil Donahue Show - 1983
1983.01.01 Professor Larry Smarr appearing to discuss nuclear proliferation on the Phil Donahue show in 1983.
Duration : 48:39 mins. Views : 1154. Topics : phil donahue show 1983 paul newman nuclear proliferation