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Harnessing the Power of Data From Our Bodies –Toward Personalized Preventive Medicine
2011.01.14 Panel Talk Australian American West Coast Leadership Dialogue Calit2@UCSD La Jolla, CA
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Global Climatic Disruption and its Impact on Victoria and California
2010.05.20 High Definition Remote Presentation to the Monash Undergraduate Research Projects Abroad (MURPA) Program, Located at Monash University, Australia Irvine, CA
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Universities as “Smart Cities” in a Globally Connected World - How Will They be Transformed?
2009.08.20 Invited Talk Monash University ITS Strategic Planning Session RE-INVENT to RE-POSITION – TRANSFORMED BY ICT Melbourne, Australia
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There are No Islands in Cyberspace - Tasmania’s Leading Role in the NBN
2009.08.10 Invited Talk Inaugural Joseph Aloysius Lyons Lecture The Board of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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The Future Applications of Australia’s National Broadband Network
2009.08.10 Invited Talk Digital Futures Keynote Address Plenary Hall, Wrest Point Hotel Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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Coupling Australia’s Researchers to the Global Innovation Economy
2008.10.06 Second Lecture in the Australian American Leadership Dialogue Scholar Tour University of Western Australia Perth, Australia
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Education in a Globally Connected World
2006.03.02 HD Talk La Jolla, CA
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