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The UCSD Big Data Freeway System
2014.02.06 Calit2 Director Larry Smarr invited short talk to a workshop on "Enriching Human Life and Society," one of the planned themes for the UCSD Strategic Plan to be adopted in 2014. Date: Feb. 6, 2014
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Global Climatic Disruption and its Impact on Victoria and California
2010.05.20 High Definition Remote Presentation to the Monash Undergraduate Research Projects Abroad (MURPA) Program, Located at Monash University, Australia Irvine, CA
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Toward Greener Cyberinfrastructure
2008.09.19 Invited Lecture to the Green IT Workshop Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership Palo Alto, CA
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Ultra-Broadband and Peta-Scale Collaboration Opportunities Between UC and Canada
2006.06.12 Summary Talk Canada - California Strategic Innovation Partnership Summit ICT/Broadband Internet Session Vancouver, Canada
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The UC California Institutes for Science and Innovation
2006.04.25 Invited Talk to Seminar on Creating a Regional Innovation Cluster: From Discovery to Application La Jolla, CA
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Positioning University of California Information Technology for the Future: State, National, and International IT Infrastructure Trends and Directions
2005.02.15 Invited Talk The Vice Chancellor of Research and Chief Information Officer Summit “Information Technology Enabling Research at the University of California” Oakland, CA
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