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Personalized Medicine, Colorectal Cancer and Gut Bacteria
2014.10.21 Invited Talk given by Larry Smarr at the City of Hope, City Forum, Pasadena, CA October 21, 2014
Topics : medicine cancer personalized microbiome gut colorectal
Inflammation, Gut Microbiome, Bacteriophages, and the Initiation of Colorectal Cancer
2014.10.20 Seminar Lecture given by Larry Smarr at the City of Hope in Pasadena, CA - October 20, 2014
Topics : cancer health microbiome gut inflammatory bowel disease quantitative
Mapping the Human Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease Using Sequencing, Supercomputing, *and Data Analysis
2014.10.19 Invited Talk Delivered by Mehrdad Yazdani, Calit2 Ayasdi Sponsored Lunch & Learn American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) San Diego Convention Center October 19, 2014
Topics : cancer health data inflammatory bowel disease quantitative big supercomputing
Tracking Immune Biomarkers and the Human Gut Microbiome: Inflammation, Crohn's Disease, and Colon Cancer
2013.05.17 USC Monthly Seminar Series Physical Sciences in Oncology Center Los Angeles, CA
Topics : cancer health microbiome usc
Calit2’s Program in Nano-science, Nano-engineering, and Nano-medicine
2006.04.11 Invited Talk Review of Nano-cancer Project La Jolla, CA
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