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The Pacific Research Platform
2016.02.10 Briefing to The Quilt Visit to Calit2's Qualcomm Institute University of California, San Diego February 10, 2016
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The Pacific Research Platform
2016.01.28 CISE Distinguished Lecture National Science Foundation Arlington, VA January 28, 2016
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Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Enabled Services and Applications in 2021
2016.01.28 Keynote Presentation NSF Workshop on Applications and Services in 2021 Washington, DC January 28, 2016
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Building a Regional 100G Collaboration Infrastructure
2015.11.12 Keynote Presentation, CineGrid International Workshop 2015, Calit2'ss Qualcomm Institute, University of California, San Diego December 11, 2015
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The Pacific Research Platform: A Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.10.15 Opening Presentation Pacific Research Platform Workshop Calit2s Qualcomm Institute University of California, San Diego October 14, 2015
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The Pacific Research Platform:a Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.09.30 Invited Presentation, 2015 Campus Cyberinfrastructure PI Workshop, Austin, TX - September 30, 2015
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Four Disruptive Trends for the Next Decade
2015.08.11 Briefing Organized by the Australia Post, Canberra, Australia, August 11, 2015
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An Integrated Science Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research
2015.06.09 Panel, CISCO Executive Symposium - San Diego, CA June 9, 2015
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Introduction to UC San Diego’s Integrated Digital Infrastructure
2015.06.05 Opening Talk, IDI Showcase 2015, University of California, San Diego - May 6-7, 2015
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UC-Wide Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research
2014.05.19 Invited presentation by Calit2 Director Larry Smarr to the UC IT Leadership Council in Oakland, Calif., on May 19, 2014.
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The UCSD Big Data Freeway System
2014.02.06 Calit2 Director Larry Smarr invited short talk to a workshop on "Enriching Human Life and Society," one of the planned themes for the UCSD Strategic Plan to be adopted in 2014. Date: Feb. 6, 2014
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A Campus-Scale High Performance Cyberinfrastructure is Required for Data-Intensive Research
2013.03.11 Keynote Presentation CENIC 2013 Held at Calit2@UCSD
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An End-to-End Campus-Scale High Performance Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research
2012.04.19 The Annual Robert Stewart Distinguished Lecture Iowa State University Ames, IA
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Health Sciences Driving UCSD Research Cyberinfrastructure
2012.04.03 12.04.03 Invited Talk UCSD Health Sciences Faculty Council UC San Diego
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A Campus-Scale High Performance Cyberinfrastructure is Required for Data-Intensive Research
2011.12.12 Seminar Presentation Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (PICSciE) Princeton University Princeton, NJ
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21st Century e-Knowledge Requires a High Performance e-Infrastructure
2011.12.09 Keynote Presentation 40-year anniversary Celebration of SARA Amsterdam, Netherlands
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High Performance Cyberinfrastructure Required for Data Intensive Scientific Research
2011.06.08 Invited Presentation National Science Foundation Advisory Committee on Cyberinfrastructure Arlington, VA
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High Performance Cyberinfrastructure Enabling Data-Driven Science in the Biomedical Sciences
2011.04.06 Joint Presentation UCSD School of Medicine Research Council Larry Smarr, Calit2 & Phil Papadopoulos, SDSC/Calit2
Views : 487. Topics : cyberinfrastructure biomedical sciences
High Performance Cyberinfrastructure is Needed to Enable Data-Intensive Science and Engineering
2011.03.28 Remote Luncheon Presentation from Calit2@UCSD National Science Board Expert Panel Discussion on Data Policies National Science Foundation Arlington, Virginia
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Set My Data Free: High-Performance CI for Data-Intensive Research
2010.11.03 Keynote Speaker Cyberinfrastructure Days University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
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End-to-end Optical Fiber Cyberinfrastructure for Data-Intensive Research: Implications for Your Campus
2010.10.13 Featured Speaker EDUCAUSE 2010 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA
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A High-Performance Campus-Scale Cyberinfrastructure: The Technical, Political, and Economic
2010.10.11 Presentation by Larry Smarr to the NSF Campus Bridging Workshop Anaheim, CA
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Uses of the OptIPortal
2010.06.10 Presentation to the Minority Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Empowerment Coalition La Jolla, CA
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The Role of University Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.06.01 Talk to MGT166 Class Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Otterson Hall, Rady School of Management, UCSD La Jolla, CA
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High Performance Cyberinfrastructure Discovery Tools for Data Intensive Research
2010.05.03 Keynote Speaker NAE Grand Challenges Summit Seattle, WA
Views : 598. Topics : cyberinfrastructure nae grand challenges
The Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.28 Invited Speaker Community Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources Scripps Forum, UCSD La Jolla, CA
Views : 534. Topics : climate cyberinfrastructure energy
The Role of University Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.14 Energy Leadership Lecture The Institute for Energy Efficiency University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA
Views : 663. Topics : climate cyberinfrastructure energy ucsb
The OptIPortal, a Scalable Visualization, Storage, and Computing Termination Device for High Bandwidth Campus Bridging
2010.04.07 Presentation by Larry Smarr to the NSF Campus Bridging Workshop University Place Conference Center Indianapolis, IN
Views : 421. Topics : cyberinfrastructure campus bridging
A High-Performance Campus-Scale Cyberinfrastructure for Effectively Bridging End-User Laboratories to Data-Intensive Sources
2010.04.07 Presentation by Larry Smarr to the NSF Campus Bridging Workshop University Place Conference Center Indianapolis, IN
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Science and Cyberinfrastructure in the Data-Dominated Era
2010.02.22 Invited talk Symposium #1610, How Computational Science Is Tackling the Grand Challenges Facing Science and Society San Diego, CA
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Project StarGate An End-to-End 10Gbps HPC to User Cyberinfrastructure ANL * Calit2 * LBNL * NICS * ORNL * SDSC
2009.11.03 Report to the Dept. of Energy Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee Oak Ridge, TN
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Superhuman Cyberinfrastructure - Crossing the Rubicon
2009.07.27 Invited Talk Singularity University NASA Ames Mountain View, CA
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Green Cyberinfrastructure on a Carbon-Constrained Planet
2009.07.27 Invited Talk Institute for the Future Board Meeting Palo Alto, CA
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Project GreenLight: Optimizing Cyberinfrastructure for a Carbon Constrained World
2009.07.21 Keynote Talk for the Joint 33rd IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference COMPSAC 2009and the 9th Annual International Symposium on Applications and the Internet SAINT 2009 Seattle, WA
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Sustainability Requires Green Cyberinfrastructure
2009.05.01 Invited Talk UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Council of Advisors Sustainability Requires Green Cyberinfrastructure La Jolla, CA
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Creating a Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis (a.k.a. CAMERA)
2009.03.18 Invited Talk Honoring David Kingsbury Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Palo Alto, CA
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Shrinking the Planet—How Dedicated Optical Networks are Transforming Computational Science and Collaboration
2008.12.16 Invited Presentation to the Advisory Committee on Cyberinfrastructure National Science Foundation Arlington, VA
Views : 1050. Topics : calit2 cyberinfrastructure networks optical
High Performance Cyberinfrastructure to Support Data-Intensive Biomedical Research Instruments
2008.06.16 Invited Talk Association of University Research Parks BioParks 2008 "From Discovery to Innovation" Salk Institute La Jolla, CA
Views : 624. Topics : calit2 cyberinfrastructure biomedical salk
Cyberinfrastructure for Ocean Observing
2008.04.04 Invited Talk Fort Johnson Seminar Series Charleston, SC
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What Next?
2007.06.14 Workshop on Interdisciplinary Strategic Issues in e-Science and Cyberinfrastructure Caltech Pasadena, CA
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Building a Community Cyberinfrastructure to Support Marine Microbial Ecology Metagenomics
2006.09.15 Invited Talk 2006 Synthetic Biology Symposium Aliso Creek Inn Laguna Beach, CA
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Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis (CAMERA)
2006.07.31 Invited Talk CONNECT Investment Community Meeting Calit2@UCSD La Jolla, CA
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The OptIPuter and Its Applications
2006.07.26 Invited Talk Cyberinfrastructure for Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, A Summer Institute, SDSC La Jolla, CA
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Calit2 Projects in Cyberinfrastructure
2006.06.28 Welcome Talk Minority-Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Institute La Jolla, CA
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Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis (CAMERA)
2006.03.13 Invited Keynote Annual Meeting CENIC 2006 Oakland, CA
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Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Observations
2005.11.21 Invited Talk to Symposium on Science and Technology in GEOSS Seattle, WA
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Physics Research in an Era of Global Cyberinfrastructure
2005.11.03 Physics Department Colloquium UCSD La Jolla, CA
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OptIPuter: From the End User Lab to Global Digital Assets
2005.10.10 Panel UC Research Cyberinfrastructure Meeting La Jolla, CA
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Cyberinfrastructure to Support Ocean Observatories
2005.03.18 Invited Talk to the Ocean Studies Board National Research Council University of California San Diego
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The Emerging Cyberinfrastructure for Earth and Ocean Sciences
2005.03.05 Invited Talk to the SIO Council La Jolla, CA
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