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Digital Transformations Over the Next Decade in Energy and the Environment
2011.10.04 The New Science of Management in a Rapidly Changing World PwCs DiamondExchange Tucson, AZ
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Limiting Global Climatic Disruption by Revolutionary Change in the Global Energy System
2010.06.08 Keynote Opening Talk Xconomy Forum: The Rise of Smart Energy La Jolla, CA
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The Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.28 Invited Speaker Community Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources Scripps Forum, UCSD La Jolla, CA
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The Role of University Energy Efficient Cyberinfrastructure in Slowing Climate Change
2010.04.14 Energy Leadership Lecture The Institute for Energy Efficiency University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA
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Calit2: The Path Forward Energy Technical Working Group
2009.10.13 Presentation Energy Technical Working Group Kick-Off La Jolla, CA
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The Emergence of the Digitally Connected World
2008.04.10 Invited Talk California Clean Energy Roundtable Calit2@UCSD La Jolla, CA
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