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From N=1 to N=100: What I Have Learned from Quantifying My Superorganism Body
2014.03.20 March 20, 2014 talk by Calit2 Director Larry Smarr to the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA.
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Quantified Health and Disease
2014.02.06 Calit2 Director Larry Smarr lecture to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute as part of the Winter 2014 Qualcomm Institute lecture series for Osher. Date: Feb. 6, 2014
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Sequencing Genomics: The New Big Data Driver
2011.12.07 IntermezzoTalk SURFnet7, Part of GigaPort3 Utrecht, Netherlands
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Genomics in Society: Genomics, Preventive Medicine, and Society
2011.10.06 Guest Lecture to UCSD Medical and Pharmaceutical Students Foundations of Human Biology--Lecture #41 UC San Diego
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A Grand Challenge of Genome Sequencing: Complete Genomics of Human and Microbiome DNA: Comparing Healthy with IBD
2011.06.15 Enabling Genomic Medicine Roundtable: Presented by: Larry Smarr, UCSD (Calit2) San Francisco California
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Genomics in Society: Genomics, Cellular Networks, Preventive Medicine, and Society
2010.10.06 Guest Lecture UCSD Medical and Pharmaceutical Students Foundations of Human Biology--Lecture #41 La Jolla, CA
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