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Building US-Mexico Collaborations Using Optical Networks
2014.02.10 Calit2 Director Larry Smarr presents at the opening session of the Big Data Big Network 2 Workshop, which follows the first such workshop which took place at CICESE in Ensenada, Mexico, featuring public and private networking officials from both sides of the border.
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Calit2:A Visual Tour of an Innovation Laboratory
2012.06.12 Presentation with Harvard Business School Professor Linda Hill Aspen Symposium 2012 Forum for the Future of Higher Education Aspen, CO
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Three Disruptive Leadership Opportunities for Washington State to “Live in the Future”
2011.03.18 Keynote Talk Washington Innovation Summit: New Decade, New Partnerships, New Solutions Microsoft Executive Conference Center Redmond, Washington
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Calit2: a SoCal UC Infrastructure for Innovation
2009.04.22 Overview Diamond Consultants La Jolla, CA
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Calit2: a SoCal UC Infrastructure for Innovation
2009.04.21 Welcoming Talk Meeting of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judges La Jolla, CA
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Calit2: a SoCal UC Infrastructure for Innovation
2009.04.03 Keynote La Jolla Research & Innovation Summit La Jolla, CA
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The UC California Institutes for Science and Innovation
2006.04.25 Invited Talk to Seminar on Creating a Regional Innovation Cluster: From Discovery to Application La Jolla, CA
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Global LambdaGrid Applications Driving Innovation
2006.03.14 Acceptance Speech for Maxine Brown and Tom DeFanti Innovation Award for Experimental / Developmental Applications – iGrid2005 CENIC 2006 Oakland, CA
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