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Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Enabled Services and Applications in 2021
2016.01.28 Keynote Presentation NSF Workshop on Applications and Services in 2021 Washington, DC January 28, 2016
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet data big analytics prp
Building a Regional 100G Collaboration Infrastructure
2015.11.12 Keynote Presentation, CineGrid International Workshop 2015, Calit2'ss Qualcomm Institute, University of California, San Diego December 11, 2015
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet collaboration cinegrid data big
The Pacific Research Platform: A Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.10.15 Opening Presentation Pacific Research Platform Workshop Calit2s Qualcomm Institute University of California, San Diego October 14, 2015
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet data pacific big prp platform
The Pacific Research Platform:a Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.09.30 Invited Presentation, 2015 Campus Cyberinfrastructure PI Workshop, Austin, TX - September 30, 2015
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet analytics prp database
Introduction to UC San Diego’s Integrated Digital Infrastructure
2015.06.05 Opening Talk, IDI Showcase 2015, University of California, San Diego - May 6-7, 2015
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet data infrastructure performance
Digital Culture and the Future Internet
2013.10.30 Digital Humanities Initiative CUNY Graduate Center New York, NY
Topics : internet culture
A Mobile Internet Powered by a Planetary Computer
2005.04.21 Banquet Talk Motorola SABA Meeting 2005 San Diego, CA
Topics : calit2 motorola mobile internet