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Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Past, Present, and Future Vision
2010.02.09 Panel on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 9th Annual ON*VECTOR International Photonics Workshop La Jolla, CA
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Terabit Applications: What Are They, What is Needed to Enable Them?
2007.02.28 3rd Annual ON*VECTOR Terabit LAN Workshop La Jolla, CA
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Applying Photonics to User Needs: The Application Challenge
2005.02.28 Invited Talk to the 4th Annual On*VECTOR International Photonics Workshop Sponsored by NTT Network Innovation Laboratories University of California, San Diego
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The Optiputer - Toward a Terabit LAN
2005.01.29 The On*VECTOR Terabit LAN Workshop Hosted by Calit2 University of California, San Diego
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