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Calit2: Experiments in Living in the Virtual/Physical World
2011.02.24 Pat Ledden Memorial Luncheon Faculty Luncheon Seminar UC San Diego Faculty Club
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The OptIPuter and Its Applications
2009.07.22 Invited Talk IEEE/LEOS Summer 2009 Topicals Meeting on Future Global Networks Newport Beach, CA
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Supercomputer End Users: the OptIPuter Killer Application
2008.08.13 Keynote DREN Networking and Security Conference San Diego, CA
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Supercomputer End Users: the OptIPuter Killer Application
2008.06.11 Keynote TeraGrid ‘08 Las Vegas, NV
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From the Shared Internet to Personal Lightwaves: How the OptIPuter is Transforming Scientific Research
2008.04.03 Invited Talk Cyberinfrastructure Colloquium Clemson University Clemson, SC
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Creating a Planetary Scale OptIPuter
2007.11.13 Invited Talk Calit2 Booth, Supercomputing '07 Reno, NV
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OptIPuter Planetary-Scale Applications Overview
2007.03.12 Opening talk CENIC ’07 Calit2 Tour La Jolla, CA
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OptIPuter Year Five: From Research to Adoption
2007.01.22 Speaker OptIPuter All Hands Meeting La Jolla, CA
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The OptIPuter and Its Applications
2006.07.26 Invited Talk Cyberinfrastructure for Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, A Summer Institute, SDSC La Jolla, CA
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The OptIPuter Project: From the Grid to the LambdaGrid
2005.10.24 Invited Talk IEEE Orange County Computer Society Irvine, CA
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OptIPuter: From the End User Lab to Global Digital Assets
2005.10.10 Panel UC Research Cyberinfrastructure Meeting La Jolla, CA
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The OptIPuter as a Prototype for CalREN-XD
2005.07.29 Briefing to the CalREN-XD Subcommittee CENIC Board San Diego, CA
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Analyzing Large Earth Data Sets: New Tools from the OptiPuter and LOOKING Projects
2005.05.03 Presentation to 3rd Annual GEON Meeting Bahia Resort San Diego, CA
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The Optiputer - Toward a Terabit LAN
2005.01.29 The On*VECTOR Terabit LAN Workshop Hosted by Calit2 University of California, San Diego
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OptIPuter Overview
2005.01.28 Third All Hands Meeting OptIPuter Project San Diego Supercomputer Center University of California, San Diego
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Using OptIPuter Innovations to Enable LambdaGrid Applications
2005.01.18 Keynote JGN II Symposium HDTV Over Fiber From Seattle to Osaka
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