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The Pacific Research Platform: A Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.10.15 Opening Presentation Pacific Research Platform Workshop Calit2s Qualcomm Institute University of California, San Diego October 14, 2015
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet data pacific big prp platform
Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Enabled Services and Applications in 2021
2016.01.28 Keynote Presentation NSF Workshop on Applications and Services in 2021 Washington, DC January 28, 2016
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet data big analytics prp
The Pacific Research Platform:a Science-Driven Big-Data Freeway System
2015.09.30 Invited Presentation, 2015 Campus Cyberinfrastructure PI Workshop, Austin, TX - September 30, 2015
Topics : cyberinfrastructure internet analytics prp database