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The Deeply Quantified Self: A Case Study
2015.09.05 Future Technology Keynote, Minimally Invasive Surgery Week 2015, Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, New York City, NY, September 5, 2015
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Using Supercomputers to Discover the 100 Trillion Bacteria Living Within Each of Us
2014.11.19 Invited Talk Supercomputing 2014 New Orleans, LA November 19, 2014
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Deep Self - Quantifying the State of Your Body
2013.02.21 Invited Talk NextMed / MMVR20 San Diego, CA
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Leveraging Biomedical Big Data: Quantified Self & Beyond
2013.02.05 Invited Talk FutureMed Singularity University NASA Ames Campus
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Quantifying and Visualizing the State of Your Body
2012.10.02 Remote Talk To: TopCoder Innovation Summit, Orlando Fl From: Calit2@UCSD
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Frontiers of Self-Tracking
2012.09.15 Plenary Talk Quantified Self Conference 2012 Title:Frontiers of Self-Tracking Stanford University
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Becoming a Quantified Self
2012.04.26 Invited Speaker Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Summit Deloitte University Dallas, TX
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My Experiences Quantifying My Sleep States
2012.04.17 Informal Seminar de la Iglesia and Opp Labs University of Washington Title: My Experiences Quantifying My Sleep States Seattle, WA
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Quantifying My Body: The Role of the Human and Microbiome DNA
2012.04.16 Invited Talk Systems Biology and the Microbiome Institute for Systems Biology Seattle, WA
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Be Your Own Health Detective
2012.03.31 Invited Talk Personalized Life Extension Conference San Francisco, CA
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The Quantified Self: Personal Monitoring and the Control of Health
2011.05.26 Interview by Andre de Fusco Future in Review 2011 Laguna Beach, CA
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Quantifying the State of Your Body -- So You Can Improve It
2010.10.09 Invited Talk Personalized Life Extension Conference San Francisco, CA
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