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Calit2: Experiments in Living in the Virtual/Physical World
2011.02.24 Pat Ledden Memorial Luncheon Faculty Luncheon Seminar UC San Diego Faculty Club
Topics : telepresence optiputer virtual
Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Past, Present, and Future Vision
2010.02.09 Panel on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 9th Annual ON*VECTOR International Photonics Workshop La Jolla, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence onvector photonics optiportals
Beyond Telepresence
2010.01.19 Opening Talk Cisco Day at the Center for Networked Systems UC San Diego La Jolla, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence center networked systems cisco
2008—The Year of Global Telepresence
2008.02.02 Kenote Presentation 15th Mardi Gras Conference Center for Computation and Technology Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA
Topics : calit2 telepresence louisiana state
Remote Telepresence for Exploring Virtual Worlds
2008.01.26 Foundational Talk Virtual World and Immersive Environments NASA Ames Mountain View, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence virtual
A Pioneer Speaks – A History & Future of Telepresence
2007.06.04 Invited Talk Telepresence World San Diego University San Diego, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence
Towards Telepresence
2007.03.13 Opening Talk Delegation from the Chief of Naval Operations’ Strategic Studies Group: Cyberspace & Maritime Operations in 2030 La Jolla, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence
NCSA and Telepresence Collaboration
2006.06.20 Remote Telepresence Talk The 2006 NCSA Private Sector Program Annual Meeting In Honor of John Stevenson’s Retirement La Jolla, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence ncsa
Is it Live or is it Telepresence?
2006.05.23 Keynote Talk 2006 Technology Horizons Spring Exchange Science & Technology in 10, 20, & 50 Years Institute for the Future San Mateo, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence