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The Digital Transformation to Predictive & Preventive Personalized Medicine
2012.09.28 Invited Talk Center for Digital Transformation Advisory Board Meeting UC Irvine
Topics : uci health personalized medicine
Towards Digitally Enabled Genomic Medicine: the Patient of Tomorrow
2012.02.09 Banquet Keynote Speaker The 3rd International Symposium on LifeChips Calit2@UC Irvine
Topics : calit2 uci lifechips
Calit2 – The First Five Years and the Future
2006.10.02 Presentation UCOP Five Year Review of Calit2 La Jolla, CA
Topics : calit2 uci ucop five year review
Microbial Metagenomics Drives a New Cyberinfrastructure
2006.03.03 Invited Talk School of Biological Sciences University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA
Topics : calit2 sciences uci metagenomics biological
Trends in Federal Funding of University Research
2005.09.19 Kickoff Talk EECS Department Retreat Irvine, CA
Topics : calit2 uci
Calit2-a Persistent UCSD/UCI Framework for Collaboration
2005.02.16 Invited Talk Sun Microsystems Global Education and Research Conference 2005 San Francisco, CA
Topics : calit2 uci sun