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Cloud Polis: Geopolitical Design in Virtual Spaces
2012.06.02 Invited Speaker Designing Geopolitics 2 Calit2@UCSD La Jolla, CA
Topics : virtual cloud geopolitics
Calit2: Experiments in Living in the Virtual/Physical World
2011.02.24 Pat Ledden Memorial Luncheon Faculty Luncheon Seminar UC San Diego Faculty Club
Topics : telepresence optiputer virtual
Experiments in Living in the Virtual/Physical World
2010.01.25 Opening Keynote Talk C5: The Eighth International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing La Jolla, CA
Topics : conference computing virtual world c5
Remote Telepresence for Exploring Virtual Worlds
2008.01.26 Foundational Talk Virtual World and Immersive Environments NASA Ames Mountain View, CA
Topics : calit2 telepresence virtual
Bringing 3D, Ultra-Resolution, and Virtual Reality into the Global LambaGrid Collaboratory
2007.11.07 Keynote ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) Newport, CA
Topics : lambdagrid vrst virtual reality collaboratory